Every spouse requires sexual satisfaction during every encounter they have.

Therefore, there are various positions the two of you can try in order to  spice up things and give her a g spot orgasm and make every moment worthwhile.

g-spot orgasmIt does not need too much effort though; all you need to do is be willing to attempt new things. Below are few sex styles you can try out with your partner; however, before you do anything, it is important to discuss it first then go ahead.

1. Lap dance technique- This is quite a simple g spot stimulation technique. The man will lie down then the woman straddles herself on his waist. The man should support her by holding her hips. This method is effective since it allows the lady to be in command of how deep the penis should go in and also stimulate faster g-spot orgasms.

2. Missionary or comfort style-This position gives the woman endless pleasure. A lot of passion is involved too. To accomplish this, the lady will lye on the bed and set her legs apart and the man will kneel between her. Most women like it since it displays dominance, and the man is in control of everything.

3. Doggy style- If you want deep penetration, this is the style to use. It is also good for g-spot arousal. Your spouse should kneel and the bend forward. The guy should enter her from behind; make sure you support yourself by kneeling too and holding her hips with your hands. It is important to let your woman dictate how deep the thrusts ought to be, and let her rub her way up into a crazy g spot orgasm

Other styles you can successfully use include the coital, standing up, etc. They will help the two of you enjoy sex.


There are a lot of frustrating things that once they are dealt with, everything else falls into place. But having a weak erection can cause you many sleepless nights since you cannot satisfy your wife or girlfriend.

how to get harder erections naturallyThis can break up relationship thereby destroying your self esteem and confidence as well. The common causes of this may be due to psychological problems like stress, guilt or nervousness.

Others issues may be because alcohol and drugs intake, biological factors such as the over sensitivity of the penis. There are very many things that could cause these problems.

The good news is that there are remedies that can be used to prevent these from happening and help men know how to get an erection fast facebook.

One advice which is usually given is that you need to relax. If you are under a lot of tension and anxiety, you will not achieve much. In fact you will be prone more to premature ejaculation. Therefore, make sure you are at ease before engaging in any sexual activities. Red wine is believed to help one be relax.

Once you are enjoying your love making with your partner, take your mind off from the action. But keep it to yourself. Think about other things for a while; however don’t be completely off because you might lose the sensation and your erection becomes weak. Therefore, stay vigil and command your hardness and also master how to keep an erection scoopIT.

When you reach your climax and you still want to go on, take a break and slow down. Relax a bit as you use other techniques to keep her busy such as kissing and teasing.

This will give you time to ensure that the urge to ejaculate disappears. Then you can continue. All this will require a lot of coordination; thus, you have to make sure the right signals are sent to your manhood, in order for you to know how to get harder erections twitter.

All the best.

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  How To Make A Woman Cum

Many problems that face a lot of relationships around the world can be trailed from the bedroom.

This is an issue which most people will not talk about because they don’t want to be seen as being ungrateful.

What they do not know is may be he or she is getting the satisfaction elsewhere from another person.

The plain truth is that most women would pay to find a man who is capable of driving her crazy every time in bed by giving her an orgasm by command

Just like the way guys love and want sex, women also do.

Therefore, you should not ignore that fact when engaging in sexual activities.

There are simple things that you can do to make a woman orgasm in a way she will never forget.


Tips On How To Make Her Orgasm


Make sure that her sexual fluids are constantly flowing to increase her desire.

One important thing to remember is to ensure she is always turned on. Keep her imagination high. Tell her how you intend to make her feel and how you will achieve it.

Attempt not to touch her during this time. This will help in building the anticipation.

Foreplay is useful at this moment. After teasing your partner, begin this session.

This is where you engage in physical contact. Start by kissing her in all the sensitive parts of her body, e.g. spine, inner thighs, abdomen and other areas.

This is a great prelude to make her cum

Once you achieve full stimulation, delay the actual penetration and let her want it.

By this, you can learn how to give an orgasm faster.

The first orgasm is very important because it will increase the chances of getting multiple climaxes in one lovemaking session.

Therefore, ensure she gets there before penetration

Do you want to give your woman an orgasm? Penetration alone has been proven not to be very effective for a woman to climax.

Therefore, you must know how to stimulate other parts of her body to help her achieve her orgasm before the action begins.

It is essential for a man to know that women take time before they reach their pick; as a result, some extra effort is needed from the man.

One sure way to accomplish this is by arousing the clit or the C spot.

Fore play will be important when you intend to make your woman climax.

As she starts to tease you, use your hands to massage her body slowly; as you kiss her lips and neck, continue this way as you take your fingers to her clitoris.

Rub her gently in circular motion. You will notice that her breathing will increase; at that moment, let her lie down on her back and go on her with your tongue.

Kiss and stroke her clitoris slowly and gently. Take all the time you need doing this.

When all this is happening, talk to her and ask her how she wants you to proceed. Keep in mind not all women will react the same; they have different sensations.

Once she tells what and how she wants it, don’t hesitate to give her what she needs; be assured later you will enjoy.

Strive to make your partner enjoy sex by giving her an orgasm command every time you have sexual intercourse.

This will be good for her and you too because she will never get away from you.


Premature ejaculation makes many men suffer in silence wondering what to do to improve this situation. They become anxious, stressed, unconformable leading to more problems such as bad relationships and even breakups.

The secret to avoid all that is to relax, remove all the doubts in your mind and take control of yourself. You don’t require any pills or creams to help last a little long, all that you need to do is change your preferred sex position.

Majority of the men like the missionary style; this method is known as the primary cause of early ejaculation. Just modify your technique and see that deference. Below are some approaches that you can try.

Let her be on top. To be honest, this is one of the best sex positions to last longer in bed, but Most men don’t like this way because they prefer being in control. This method helps you to relax more, when she is on top of you managing your ejaculation will be simply by relaxing your muscle of the pelvic, and the urge fades away.

Don’t wait until you are almost to climax that is when you rest and relax. These will also help your partner the freedom to move as she wants in order to maximize her own pleasure.

Penetrating your partner on the side of the bed: In this style let her rest on the bed and stand upright at the edge. This position will assist in reducing the amount of blood flow to your manhood hence decreasing stimulation.

With this position use your hands to arouse her breast and clitoris. You can also put a pillow under her back and raise her buttock; this gives a G spot stimulation. Try these two techniques today and last long.

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